2. Contonnesse Assembly Hall

Cantonese “Contonnesse “ Assembly Hall, Hoi An, Vietnam

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Cantonese “Contonnesse “ Assembly Hall, Hoi An, Vietnam

Cantonese Assembly Hall (built 1786 onward)

The Cantonese Assembly Hall (Hoi Quan Quang Trieu), founded in 1786, serves the Cantonese Chinese community of Hoi An. Its main altar is dedicated to Quan Cong. It is one of five assembly halls in Hoi An for different Chinese ethnic groups.

2. Contonnesse Assembly Hall

Cantonese Assembly Hall

The Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall, Hoi An is one of the most famous historical buildings in Hoi An, Vietnam. Besides having great historical significance, the hall is also a popular tourist attraction. You will be enchanted by this architectural heritage of Vietnam.

The house was built adjacent to Cau Pagoda on 176 Tran Phu Street, on the corner of Nhi Trung Street – a gastronomic street of Hoi An. It was built in 1885 by Chinese overseas who came from Guangdong/ Cantonese (China). In the early days, the house was dedicated to Thien Hau Holy Mother, then to Quan Cong, and then to the sages who came from Guangdong Formerly. It was a place for Chinese fishermen and traders to rest temporarily and to exchange goods. In those days, there was a wharf at the front of the house.


The complex of Quang Trieu Assembly Hall is rather attractive, with its stone three-entrance gate and four rows of stone pillars at the front. Four Chinese characters, meaning “Quang Trieu Assembly Hall”, are embossed on the upper part of the three-entrance gate. The gate is roofed with green tube-tiles and decorated with images of dragons, small lions, and lemon flowers. Stone pillars supporting the roof are carved with refined designs. The robust frame and decorative designs make the house look imposing

The Assembly Hall holds an amazing fountain that features a dragon. The dragon is a beautiful creation made out of pottery. Besides that, there are more attractions waiting for you inside the Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall in Hoi An. Various Cantonese statues are spread out all over the hall. Some of these statues reflect the musical dramas of the Cantonese culture. In the Assembly Hall, many ancient vestiges have been preserved – a four big horizontal lacquered boards, a big bronze censer, a pair of Chinese terra-cotta seats and noteworthy documents on the Chinese community living in Hoi An.

Records say this hall was built by the Chinese Cantonese merchants. The different parts of the building are separately made in China. After finishing the work, those parts were transferred here and joined together to build The Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall in Hoi An.

2. Contonnesse Assembly Hall

Every year, on the 15t of the first lunar month, the Nguyen lieu Festival is held here. Also, on the 24th of the sixth lunar month, the festival to pay homage to Quan Cong (a Chinese general) attracts many pilgrims. Outside the Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall, you will find various shops and markets. The main attractions to the tourists to silk dresses. So go ahead and buy some silk pajamas for yourself.

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